Top tips to help you bag Cyber Monday deals and bargains

Super tech and gadgets for great prices

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Even after the frantic shopping extravaganza of Black Friday ends, there are yet more chances to pick up a fantastic deal or two on the web: the Monday after Thanksgiving in the US is traditionally one of the busiest online shopping days of the year, and retailers are usually keen to try and cash in.

If you want to get the very best gadgets at the very lowest prices, however, you're going to need to do more than just click around the Amazon front page on your lunch break. Here we present to you a collection of our most effective tips for bagging Cyber Monday bargains - use them wisely.

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1. Use a price comparison tool


The practice of comparing prices isn't limited to your home and car insurance: you can do the same trick with almost anything you find online. Even just searching for something on Google and clicking the Shopping tab is enough to get an idea of the range of prices you might have to pay, though it's not the most comprehensive tool for the job.

If you want to get serious about comparing prices on Cyber Monday, then you can find a host of tracker websites and browser extensions to help. Some tools focus on one site in particular: take the strangely named CamelCamelCamel, for example, which tracks the prices of any item on Amazon and alerts you to any fluctuations. When the best deal arrives online, you'll know about it in time to hit the Buy button.

2. Avoid the newest gear

For a lot of people out there, only the latest and greatest kit will do - and that means you can pick up a bargain on items that are just a little bit older. We're not talking about going fully retro and treating the kids to a Nintendo 64, but you can find some very attractive prices on last year's smartphones and tablets, for example. Unless you're a real power user you'll find the tech is still more than adequate for your needs.

Those prices fall even further as Cyber Monday rolls around and retailers look to clear out stock that they don't want any more. New gadgets and gizmos are being launched all the time, and the older stuff has to go somewhere: these deals aren't always heavily promoted, so you might have to do some sleuthing to find them on the web.

3. Start on Sunday (or Saturday)


You didn't have anything else to do with your Sunday afternoon anyway did you? The nights are long, the weather's lousy, so cancel that family walk about the local park and prepare yourself for Cyber Monday instead: a lot of sites, including Amazon, have already started promoting some of the deals that are going to be available. Give yourself a head start at the weekend and you stand a better chance of finding something of interest.

Not only can you get all of your web bookmarks queued up in advance by starting on Sunday, you can cut down on the time you need to spend shopping on your work computer on Monday morning - if you're interested in keeping your job until Christmas then not getting caught browsing for bargains in work time is probably a good idea.

4. Get some help from the experts

Sure, you could spend all day hitting every site in turn and seeing what's on offer, but that's a bit impractical unless you have a day off - or no job to go to. Many sites are going to be only too happy to aggregate the best deals and bargains for you, and of course T3 is among them: check out our comprehensive list of all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals as they hit the web.

Being a technology site with a decent-sized audience, we're always getting tipped off by major retailers eager to get their offers in front of the masses, and we'll be sure to pass those tips straight on to you until the shutters go down on Cyber Monday. We're not going to force you to bookmark our deals page... but it's probably a good idea.

5. Take the road less travelled


Everyone's going to be swarming over the biggest retail sites on Monday, but you don't necessarily have to join them in your search for a brilliant bargain. There are plenty of smaller retailers out there as well as places that aren't traditionally associated with tech gear that sell it nevertheless. Make sure you include some of these on your rounds, although there's nothing wrong with hitting the big name sites as well.

Another idea is to go straight to the source: from phones to drones, most manufacturers sell their own hardware directly as well as through retail channels, and while taking this route is usually pricier, you might find a Cyber Monday bargain or two is on offer. Even Apple has been known to throw up a seasonal discount or two from its official site.

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