Honda’s self-driving cars will hit the streets of California

Cali is officially self-driving central

Honda has got the green light to trial its autonomous cars in sunny California, making it the tenth automaker to self-drive in the Golden State.

The Japanese carmaker is ready to hit California roads, as reported by Reuters. It was spotted on the California Department of Motor Vehicles website, as the most recent of 10 companies that had got self-driving permits.

Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and BMW are already cruising Cali's streets, as is Google and its pod-like self-driving car. Honda will deploy its own driver-assisted tech across its Honda and Acura models, and is said to have already set up a testing facility in California's Bay area.

Honda is also one of several major automotive makers signed up to use Google's Android Auto software in future cars, joining the likes of Audi and Hyundai. We tried and tested Android's in-car tech inside the 2015 Honda Civic Type-R (pictured above).

This allow cars running the software to connect to a user's Android smartphone, allowing them to access apps like Google Maps by voice, steering wheel controls or navigate the touchscreen.

Self-driving cars aim to be on road by 2020 - scary, huh? On a positive, there is more tech on the horizon that rather than replacing the driver, makes the whole journey that bit more futuristic, shall we say. Take a look at 10 auto innovations that are going to be bigger than the driverless car over the next few years.

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