Here's what the iPhone 8 is going to do with facial recognition

Apple Pay that uses your face as part of its unlocking process

The future is here as Apple looks set to bring facial recognition into the mainstream. Specifically it looks like the iPhone 8 will use facial recognition for Apple Pay. 

Once again that HomePod code has revealed more about the iPhone 8. According to developer Guilherme Rambo the facial recognition code, dubbed Pearl ID by Apple, should work with third party apps and multiple faces plus it will support payments.

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It sounds like Apple may employe facial recognition in combination with fingerprint reading for a two-step verification, making Apple Pay super secure. But there’s more.

The code also revealed that the virtual home button can be re-sized, the rear camera will shoot at 240fps slow-mo with 1080p quality and it will record HDR. 

One odd reference in the code suggests both the front and rear cameras are needed for facial recognition. How that will work is unclear.

Of course these are all code discoveries that could be preparation for a later iPhone, but it seems likely we can expect the updates in the iPhone 8. Apple is expected to release the iPhone 8 in September or October this year.

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