Here's the best Black Friday speaker deal already: Naim Mu-so special edition and Mu-so Qb prices hacked by up to £200

Some of the best wireless speakers you can buy are reduced to clear

Naim Mu-so Black Friday 2019 deals John Lewis
(Image credit: Naim)

The original Naim Mu-so redefined the wireless speaker market, not least by making it more expensive than it had ever been. But while the Mu-so 2 upped the ante by being even better and even pricier, you can now get your hands on the original for just £695 – a massive £200 off the original RRP – at John Lewis & Partners. How's that for a Black Friday deal?

The JL&P-exclusive 'special edition' is the same price, although don't get too excited, as it's the exact same thing but in a Champagne gold finish, while the more compact Mu-so Qb is now £495, which is a saving of precisely £154.

• Shop for Naim Mu-so and Qb with up to £200 off at John Lewis

Naim Mu-so deals have been rare since its launch but we predicted that the arrival of the generation 2 Mu-so would change that… and now it has. With AirPlay 2 and DLNA/ UPnP, as well as support for Spotify Connect and Tidal built in, the Mu-so is a versatile beast. Via optical digital and USB inputs it can also handle hi-res audio files, but the reason the Mu-so has been such a success is that it offers fantastic sound quality almost regardless of the source. MP3 sounds excellent, while Tidal's CD quality tracks sound stunning.

Naim Mu-so (gen 1) £695 | Was £895 | Save £200 at John Lewis
Admittedly an RRP of £895 hardly made the original Mu-so cheap, but it more than justifies that price. At £695, it's a bargain. You will need a decent sized sideboard or shelf to accommodate Naim's wireless speaker – it's 63cm long. Connectivity includes Bluetooth, Spotify Connect, AirPlay 2, and DLNA/UpNP. Web radio and support for Tidal are built into the excellent Naim streaming app.View Deal

Naim Mu-so Special Edition £695 | Was £895 | Save £200 at John Lewis
Functionally identical to the above, this Champagne finish is exclusive to JL&P.View Deal

Naim Mu-so Qb (gen 1) £495 | Was £649 | Save £200 at John Lewis
The much more compact Qb ('cube', geddit?) is now under £500 for the first time in a long time. It has all the same connectivity as the full-size Mu-so, but is considerably easier to fit into smaller spaces. Sound quality is excellent – some users might struggle to detect much of a difference between this and its big brother.View Deal

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