HereO is the first GPS watch for kids

The app lets you track your child’s whereabouts

HereO is currently seeking backing on Indiegogo for its GPS smartwatch that works with an app to keep track of your kids at any given moment.

HereO GPS watch is a real-time tracking device packed inside a trendy and colourful watch specially designed for kids.

You simply secure the watch to your child's wrist and then use the hereO app on your smartphone to keep track of his/her whereabouts.

There's also no roaming charge for the device as the watch features a built-in SIM card that auto-connects to local carriers.

You can use the app to also set specific parameters, for example the hereO watch could notify you when your child enters school or is leaving to come home.

A tamper alert is also available to notify you when your child takes off the watch.

You can even follow directions via the app to reach your child's location.

The hereO Indiegogo campaign has almost reached its $100,000 goal with 18 days left to go.

The hereO watch is expected to arrive in stores this autumn for $149.

You can purchase the early bird special for $99 on the hereO Indiegogo page.

Check out the hereO promotional video below.