Electric bike discount of the year? Gtech is offering £600 off its eScent electric mountain bike

It's as good for effortless commuting as it is for taking on peaks and valleys and with more than 30% off RRP it is a STEAL

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The Gtech Escent mountain bike is among our favourite electric bikes and through our exclusive deal you can now get it for £1,299.99 rather than the usual £1,899.99. Having whipped out an abacus and used all of our fingers, that appears to be a price drop of £600.

All you need is this magic code and to follow the directions below: T3scent (expires August 18 2018)

Gtech eScent: a helluva lot of e-bike for 1300 quid

This is the process

Go to Gtech site

Add eBike eScent to basket

Go to checkout

Input voucher code T3scent

Enjoy that huge saving, and get out there and RIDE. But do wear a helmet.

The eScent mountain e-bike is already in our Top 10 and if it were this price all the time, it would sit extremely near the top of the chart.

Gtech eScent

Gtech eScent

A powerful electric motor flattens out hills and makes commuting and off-roading a cinch

Weight: 19kg
Range: 20 miles
Charging time: 3 hours
Power : up to 500W
Gears: 10 speed
Reasons to buy
+Cheaper than many electric mountain bikes+Generally a fun ride+Now £600 off!
Reasons to avoid
-Only a 30-mile range

• Buy direct from Gtech site (don’t forget the voucher code)

Rather as it did with the eBike City, which is more of a city bike (obviously), Gtech attacked the mountain bike market by undercutting many of the more established electric bicycle rivals on price, without skimping on features. 

On the Gtech eScent, a very solid basic frame with front suspension is augmented with a motor (a rather powerful, 500W one) that assists your pedalling automatically, based on resistance put up by hills and other obstacles.

At 19kg it weighs less than a lot of e-bikes built for off-roading, and the Shimano Deore gears and disk brakes are a good bundle at this price. It lacks the power and range (you'll get about 20-30 miles) of some heavier bikes but particularly for cyclists making the switch to electric mountain biking, it's more fun to ride.

Finally, although it is marketed as a mountain bike, it's also a great little urban cruiser, which laughs in the face of Britain's many potholes, flattens out hills, and takes you away from the lights like a Ferrari.