Google's working on a health tracker, but you can't buy it

Keeping an eye on your vital statistics

There aren't many pies that Google doesn't have a finger in, and you can add health-tracking wearables to the list of projects being tackled by Mountain View engineers - though it's not a product that's available to buy right now.

Google told Bloomberg that its new device is more of a research tool aimed at doctors and hospitals: it helps keep an eye on your pulse, heart rhythm and body temperature, and so could be used to monitor a patient after an operation or on a new series of drugs. Light exposure and noise levels can also be tracked.

"Our intended use is for this to become a medical device that's prescribed to patients or used for clinical trials," Google's Andy Conrad told Bloomberg.

Collating data like this could be a major step forward for healthcare professionals and patient assessment - no longer would you have to remember how you felt a week last Tuesday, or how long you've been under the weather, because a band like this would pipe back all of the relevant data to your doctor.

There's no sign yet that Google wants to produce a consumer version of the band, so Fitbit and Jawbone can rest easy for now.