Google signs deal with Ray-Ban maker

Could we soon be rocking Google Glass Aviators?

Google has teamed up with The Luxottica Group, owner of the Ray-Ban and Oakley brands.

The deal could result in Ray-Ban Google Glass frames being launched in the near future.

According to the two companies, designers from Luxottica will work with Google to design the next generation of Glass.

Writing on its Google+ page, the Glass team said that Luxottica's experience in creating “great products” fits with its own mission for its smart eyewear.

It is unclear if Luxottica will simply be providing know-how and advice to Google, or if it will be launching its own range of smart eyewear based on the technology.

However, analysts have said that the move is likely to give Glass the push it needs to break into the mainstream.

Clear vision of the future

Aside from announcing the partnership, there were few details to come out today. Luxottica has said that designers from Oakley, Ray-Ban and its other brands are working with Google.

Luxottica has also said that the first collection to emerge from the partnership will “combine high-end technology with avant-garde design offering the best in style, quality and performance”.

According to Luxottica chief executive Andrea Guerra, the eventual aim of the partnership is to incorporate Glass into frames without just sticking a display on an existing frame.

“We live in a world where technological innovation has dramatically changed the way in which we communicate and interact in everything that we do,” said Guerra. "More importantly, we have come to a point where we now have both a technology push and a consumer pull for wearable technology products and applications.

"Seeing such a future, over the last years, Luxottica invested heavily in building-out our technology platforms and digital solutions to combine with our products excellence.

"We believe that a strategic partnership with a leading player like Google is the ideal platform for developing a new way forward in our industry and answering the evolving needs of consumers on a global scale.

“We believe it is high time to combine the unique expertise, deep knowledge and quality of our Group with the cutting edge technology expertise of Google and give birth to a new generation of revolutionary devices,” she added.