Google schedule two Mobile Chrome events for June 7 and 13

The two events have appeared as livestream videos on YouTube

Two livestream YouTube videos for Google Chrome Mobile events have popped up on Google's Developer website scheduled for June 7th and 13th

On Google's Developer website, two special events have been scheduled for June 7th and 13th titled 'Chrome Mobile Special Event' and 'Mobile Chrome Special Event'.

Both events are livestreams set up for both June dates, 17th and 13th, and currently countdown to the start of the event.

On June 7th the Chrome Mobile event will go live at 5-5.30pm GMT (1-1.30pm EDT), and on June 13th the Mobile Chrome event will broadcast at 3-3.30pm GMT (11-11.30am EDT).

No information is given on the videos but Google have noted, "More details coming soon."

Rumours point towards the possible announcements being for Mobile Chrome for Android and one for iOS, but nothing has been confirmed.

The announcement comes just a couple of weeks after Google's sixth developer conference, Google I/O, where Google Play Music All Access was revealed, along with a custom Samsung Galaxy S4, and Google+ redesign. To see the whole round-up of Google I/O 2013 click here.

Both events can be added to your Google Calender so as not to forget to watch the live events.

What do you think will be announced at the special live events? Let us know in the comments.

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