Google Maps for iPhone 5 and iOS 6 available on App Store

Google takes on Apple with turn-by-turn navigation and business search

Google Maps for iPhone 5 is now here offering turn-by-turn navigation, business search and a new look that Google hopes will trump Apple Maps after it was booted off iOS 6

Google Maps for iPhone 5 is now available on the App Store after Google quietly launched its long-awaited alternative to Apple Maps after Apple removed Google from the iPhone in the iOS 6 update.

The new app uses vector-based mapping, a feature which was currently unavailable on the old Google Maps app and is now found on Apple Maps, Google Maps for Android and now the new iOS version of Google Maps.

Vector mapping uses less data and allows for quicker loading times. Google have also included turn-by-turn voice navigation, business search and live traffic and transport layers which of course, includes using the London underground symbols.

At the moment Google Maps isn't optimised for iPad however Google will no doubt already be working on a number of updates which could bring new features including offline maps and optimisation for the iPad and iPad mini.

The launch of Google Maps for iPhone has come as a shock to many who were expecting a much longer turnaround after Apple removed Google Maps and YouTube from iOS 6 requiring users to manually install YouTube from the App Store.

Apple has been under pressure from tech experts after their own Apple Maps came under staunch criticism when it was revealed that locations were incorrect, imagery was sub-standard and in some cases the navigation feature was sending people wildly off course.

Apple Maps vs Google Maps

Most recently Australian Police authorities issued a heavy blow to Apple after it advised iPhone owners to avoid using Apple Maps at all costs after it was revealed that some users had been left dangerously stranded with no water or food when the Maps app had taken them to a wrong location.

Apple CEO Tim Cook made the unorthodox decision of apologising for the condition of the app at launch and said that big improvements would be on the way.

While Google Maps does come with a whole host of new features it will have to face the likes of Nokia Here, another free alternative which offers offline maps but has yet to feature turn-by-turn navigation.