Google Glass causing headaches reveals Explorer

Early adopter Chris Barrett reveals how headaches stopped him using the device

One of the earliest proponents of Google Glass has revealed that he rarely uses the device after it caused several severe headaches.

Chris Barrett was one of the first to receive Google Glass. He is also the first person to successfully take Glass into a casino and use the device to film an arrest.

“The first headache came during the first week of wearing Glass,” Barrett told CNET. "I was wearing Glass everyday, all day long; I would wear it to Starbucks; I would wear it to the mall; I would would wear it driving and I would wear it at my office.

"There wasn't a minute of the day I didn't have it on.

"By the second day wearing Glass, I was Googling everything I could, impressed with the novelty, demonstrating for friends, taking photos and videos.

“After a few hours of use, my head started to pound,” he said. “I don't usually get headaches. I thought maybe I was just tired, so I decided to sleep it off.”

He said that the second headache came around four to five weeks later. At the time, he was being filmed for a Korean documentary. As a result, he said he was wearing the device for upwards of eight hours a day.

According to Barrett, when it came, the second headache was much worse than the first. “It hurt so badly that I had to go straight home and sleep.”

Barrett is of the opinion that Glass is the root cause of the headaches.

When he looked to see if he was the only experiencing discomfort, he found that several other explorers were also having problems.

Google has denied that the Glass is inherently likely to cause headaches.

“Of course, health and safety ware extremely important to the Glass team,” a Google spokesperson told CNET. "We've been working with eye care professionals from the very beginning to ensure that the device is safe for use.

“In our help centre, we do encourage new Explorers to ease into Glass, just as they would a new pair of glasses.”

The company added that any Explorers experiencing issues should contact them to ensure that the glasses are fitted properly.

Source: CNET