Google Drive launches with 5GB free storage

Google Drive rolling out worldwide offering a rival to DropBox

Google's answer to Dropbox has finally arrived offering users 5GB of free storage, the ability to backup your smartphone as well as a whole host of features

Google Drive has now been officially unveiled with the cloud storage service offering users 5GB of free storage and a whole host of functions that allow you to sync your smartphone, computer or mac to the cloud.

Building on the existing Google Docs service Google Drive lets you open up to 30 different types of file so no matter what you've saved you'll be able to open it within the browser.

Another of the key features is an enhanced version of Google Docs which lets you go back in time after having saved a document within the service. You'll be able to go back over 30 days worth of saves.

There will also be a host of apps available which will make accessing and editing your files within Google Drive easier, it's not yet known which apps will be available however.

For those that want more than the free 5GB Google is offering users the choice of upgrading to 25GB or 100GB for a monthly fee, US pricing is $2.49 and $4.99 a month respectively. There's no word yet on UK pricing.

Rolling out worldwide it's believed that Google Drive should be available to everyone within the next few weeks with no confirmed date for a UK arrival.