Google Chromecast hits one billion ‘cast session’ milestone

In the past 18 months usage of the streaming stick has rocketed 60 per cent

Google has revealed its Chromecast streaming stick has been used to cast content more than one billion times.

Google Chromecast has been on the market for 18 months now, and it's clearly going strong with users. During the company's fourth-quarter earnings call, Google revealed that Chromecast has been used to cast content more than a billion times.

Up until now Google has remained tight-lipped on the streaming stick's success, and hasn't disclosed how many units it actually shifted. Although reaching more than a billion 'cast sessions' is most definitely a milestone for the HDMI dongle.

What does the stat mean exactly then? Well, it basically means that the 'cast' button on Google Chromecast has been pressed more than a billion times around the globe. The figure doesn't account for how many videos are streamed, but just how many times people link up Chromecast to their TV.

People are evidently catching on to the benefits of streaming sticks like Google Chromecast. Just three months ago, Chromecast reached 650 million casts and three months before that it was 400 million.

Is it all that surprising? Probably not. Google Chromecast has been a hit product in the UK and International markets. The NPD Group recently revealed that Chromecast is the most popular streaming device in the US.

Chromecast's success has prompted rival companies to come out with streaming sticks of their own, such as Amazon with the Fire TV Stick and Roku with the Roku Streaming Stick.