Glastonbury festival 2014, now in LEGO

Devil-fingers likely to be in short-supply…

We're remaining hopeful for an off-the-cuff rendition of 'everything is awesome' by Metallica.

Glastonbury's gone and had a Lego makeover, courtesy of the Lego Movie's UK Twitter page.

Rivalling the UK's annual music fest is Lego Glastonbury, featuring a cameo appearance from the Lego Movie's very own star, Emmet Brickowski.

The bricktastic image is part of a social media campaign to promote the film's DVD and Blu-Ray release.

Prior to Emmet's Glasto appearance, the LEGO celeb has also helped usher in the summer solstice, celebrate the Queen's birthday, and support England as a World Cup footie star, all via the movie's Twitter feed.

The film will arrive in disc form on 21st July, but will appear in digital format slightly earlier on the 7th July.

The actual Glastonbury festival runs from 25-29th June, with this year's line-up including Metallica, Lana Del Ray, and T3 favourite Dolly Parton.