Get the AEG oven used on Masterchef for £160 off at Currys

Self-cleaning, cake-steaming, stylish-looking oven of your dreams will make you more Roux-like

The AEG SteamBake BPS352020M electric oven uses to steam to help bake perfect cakes and pastry. You probably guessed that from its name, didn't you?

It's not just for master bakers, though. This oven is actually used on Masterchef (or an AEG one very like it, anyway – we've squinted at our telly and it definitely looks like this one). 

AEG SteamBake BPS352020M £386.10 (£120 off RRP plus a further 10% off with discount code BUILTIN10) 

This oven has an A+ energy rating and is self cleaning. Cooking options include fan, fan with steam, and fan with grill for super fast and caramelised meats. Mmm, meats. 

It releases a puff of steam at a crucial point in the baking process, to produce miraculously moist results. However, it's a cracking oven whether you're into baking or not.

Buns in the oven

Two cheaper SteamBake models are also available with Black Friday discounts from Currys, but these ones aren't self-cleaning. Please note, none of these are 'steam ovens' in the usual sense – the steam is only for baking. That's why they're called SteamBake, in fact.

Ovens might not be the first thing when you think of Black Friday deals, but if you're in the market for one, when is there going to be a better time to get stuck in?