Get mega-cheap Amazon smart plugs and security cameras in these Black Friday deals

Great Black Friday bargains on affordable smart home and security essentials

Blink and Ring cameras
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Smart homes aren’t just about smart bulbs, as fun as they are. With smart plugs you can bring smarts to almost anything you can plug into a socket, while smart security cameras help protect your home. And the latest Amazon Black Friday deals make smart plugs and smart security more affordable than ever.

At just £17.99 Amazon Smart Plug is so cheap you can afford to buy lots – and with Christmas coming up, maybe you should. We use smart plugs for all our Christmas lights, and they’re great for adding Alexa to non-smart lighting such as table lamps as well as appliances such as coffee makers. Amazon isn’t the only smart plug maker, we know, but unlike many rival devices these plugs don’t require a separate app to get them working with Alexa: they’re designed to be struggle-free and easy to install.  

That's not all. Amazon is also running great on the Blink Mini Security camera, down to just £24.99, and the Ring Stick Up Cam, now just £59.


Amazon Smart Plug | Was £24.99 | Now £17.99 | Save £7.50 at Amazon

It may be small. It may be sweet. But this Alexa smart plug knows how to, er, turn things on and off. Amazon’s smart plug is a top seller every time Amazon discounts it, and it adds Alexa to bring voice control to any electrical socket.

Great deals on cheap home security cameras

Smart plugs can also be used to turn lights on and off when you’re away so that passers-by think you’re still at home, but if you’re serious about home security we think you should invest in a cheap security camera such as the Blink Mini, currently down £10 to just £24.99

As with Amazon’s smart plug that means a big saving if you buy multiples, and the Blink Mini packs a lot of security tech into its tiny frame: there’s 1080p HD video, motion detection and two-way audio. It’s really easy to set up, works brilliantly with Alexa and you’ll have it up and running in minutes. With this Black Friday deal we think it’s the cheapest great security camera you can buy.


Blink Mini security camera | Was £34.99 | Now £24.99 | Save £10 at Amazon

We think this is the the best-value security camera you can buy right now. With 1080p HD video, motion detection and two-way audio it can help protect your home day and night, and it includes free trial of the Blink security plan that lasts until the end of March 2021.

The cheapest great battery-powered security camera just got cheaper

The Blink Mini is brilliant, but it’s wired so of course it needs to be near a power socket. The Ring Stick Up Cam has no such limits: you can stick it anywhere because it’s battery powered. 

Like the Blink Mini it’s easy to set up and use, it’s got motion detection and you can connect multiple ones to the Ring app; its go-anywhere abilities mean it’s ideal for any room or anywhere outside that’s within reach of your Wi-Fi. It’s the cheapest great battery-powered security camera around, and with this Black Friday deal it’s even more affordable.


Ring Stick Up Cam | Was £89 | Now £59 | Save £30 at Amazon

With this great Amazon Black Friday deal, Ring’s Stick Up Cam is the cheapest great battery-powered security camera. It’s a go-anywhere camera designed for indoor and outdoor use, and you can connect multiple cameras to the Ring app on your phone.

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