Get a top-rated Samsung 4K TV for less than £300 with this Black Friday deal

Save £80 on this five-star 43-inch 4K TV in Currys' Black Friday TV deals

Samsung TU7100 deal
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Black Friday TV deals are very much here and if you're looking for a cheap 4K TV, look no further than this brilliant reduction as part of Curry's Black Friday TV deals. The T3 five star awarded Samsung TU7100 43-inch 4K TV has been reduced from £379 to £299. With a reduction of £80, this is an excellent Black Friday deal on one of this year's already best budget screens.  

It's easy to get carried away with enormous TVs, but if you're looking for a less over the top panel for your living room or an additional bedroom screen, this 43-inch LED 4K offering has a brilliant set of features that get even better with an even lower price. As we said in our T3 Platinum Award-winning Samsung TU7100 review, this is a TV with excellent upscaling and a "best-in-class user interface."

Easily one of our best TVs under £500, the TU7100 has an impressive spec. One of the HDMI sockets comes with eARC tech enabled, meaning you can make the most of the latest soundbar tech. Plus all of the HDMI ports support Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) which new gen gamers will find particularly satisfying. There's no other HDMI 2.1 support but this is very welcome for those on the hunt for low lag gaming at an impressive price. For more console focussed TVs though, check out our best gaming TVs

•  Samsung UE43TU7100 4K TV | Was £379 | Now £299 | Save £80 at Currys

When it comes to visuals, the TU7100 has impressive chops. As we said in our review, "the TU7100 demonstrates real dexterity where contrasts are concerned. It musters impressively deep black tones and equally admirable white tones. Blacks have decent lustre, but carry plenty of detail at the same time, and whites are clean and equally packed with information."

4K content happily shines on the TU7100 too so you'll have no problem when it comes to settling down to a 4K Blu-ray or your favourite high resolution streaming service.  "This frankly unlikely level of fidelity is carried over to most other aspects of picture-making too – give the Samsung a fighting chance with some high-quality 4K content and it’s an eminently watchable TV," says our review. "The colour palette it draws from is wide and convincing, and it has little trouble differentiating between even very subtle variations in tone."

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And finally, when it comes to the content you'll be able to watch. The TU7100 comes with a full suite of apps for streaming. While the usual suspects such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are in there, so are Disney+ and the much coveted Apple TV+ app so you can see all of the latest shows without having to stream from a compatible device.  

Samsung TU7100 4K 43-inch TV | Was £379 | Now £299 | Save £80 at Currys
Another impressive Black Friday TV deal, this is a reduction of an already brilliant budget screen. If you're looking for an additional smaller screen or don't want your living room dominated by a 55-inch behemoth, this 43-inch television has a perfect suite of features for a significantly less outlay than the competition. Excellent upscaling and a brilliant picture already made this our top TV under £500. For less than £300 this is a dangerously good bargain.View Deal

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