Garmin launches vivosmart HR activity tracker

The mother of fitness trackers that tells you off for unhealthy habits

The first fitness tracker form Garmin that will monitor your heart rate 24/7, offering you daily feedback on the amount of calories you've burned, workout info and even sleep patterns.

What makes Garmin stand out from the rest? There are hundreds of activity trackers out there form the Jawbone UP3 to the Fitbit Surge, but there are few that tell you off for sitting too long.

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Vivosmart HR reminds users when they've been sitting too long by learning your current activity level and creating a customised daily step goal. Basically the vivosmart HR acts like a mother motivating you to take up healthy habits.

If you're worried about battery life don't, the vivosmart tracker will last five days although it does fall slightly short of competition such as the Fitbit Charge.

The vivomart HR is an all terrain tracker as you can take it in the pool up to 50m and will measure your heart rate and feedback data to your smartphone. Vivosmart's sunlight readable display is constantly on, so that when your out for a run or doing lengths in the pool you don't have to faff with buttons to check your fitness data.

Like all other fitness trackers the vivosmart HR lets users stay connected with vibration alerts for smart notifications such as texts e.t.c. but the vivosmart also helps you track you phone if you've lost it.

You can even remote control a Garmin VIRB camera remotely from the vivosmart. And how much does this all cost? Well it's available in black, purple of blue for the handsome price of $229 (£105), which falls in just about average for an activity tracker.