Game of Thrones companion app on the way for iOS devices

Because things get confusing over in Westeros

Whether you watch the HBO series or delve into George R.R. Martin's epic tomes, Game of Thrones world is a large and confusing one

Now a new companion app by developers Random House called A World of Ice and Fire aims to help fans from drowning under the hundreds of characters, places and timelines entwined throughout the series.

Launching on Tuesday, the basic app is free for iPhone and iPad and provides two main maps and biographies for the first books' eight main characters.

Additional downloads will be available (at a price) for each book and can ultimately include profiles of 540 characters and 380 places.

Harper Collins 'Official Companion' app came out last year but received a flurry of complaints from fans due to the abundance of spoilers.

Good news is coming. Random House's new app includes an anti-spoiler functionality meaning only information to where you are up to in the books/series will be revealed.

The app is expected to come to Nook tablet devices soon.

Via: Mashable