Galaxy Note 10 leak betrays Samsung's Huawei Mate 30 preemptive strike

A revealing piece of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 puzzle just dropped into place

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Huawei Mate 30

Mere days after the news broke that the Huawei Mate 30 could ditch the camera notch for a pop-up camera, allowing it to boast a truly stunning all-screen display, comes a revealing titbit of information that hints at how the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will fend the incoming rival flagship off with a preemptive strike.

The cache of information comes from prolific Samsung leakster Ice universe, who has a very good track record at accurately calling the South Korean maker's future devices. Ice universe Tweeted yesterday that "Da Vinci is symmetrical" and then followed up with a picture of the Vitruvian Man. The full Tweet can be seen below:

For those who haven't had chance to follow the Galaxy Note 10 story to date in full, Da Vinci was revealed to be the next Note's codename over six months ago. This continued Samsung's practice of giving its flagships development names, with the Note 8 holding the codename "Great" and the Note 9 dubbed "Crown".

The Da Vinci that Ice universe is referring to, then, is actually the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, which he says is a "symmetrical" device.

Now, while on first glance that may seem like it doesn't tell us much about the Note 10, it actually potentially reveals a lot about the flagship, as if the phone is symmetrical then that means Samsung cannot use the same side-positioned hole-punch camera that it did on the Galaxy S10, nor the asymmetrical in-bezel sensor and camera array that featured on the Galaxy Note 9.

And, that could mean Samsung is left with only three realistic possibilities for the Galaxy Note 10. First, it could move the hole-punch camera to the top-middle of the device's screen. Second, it could remove the front-facing camera from the screen entirely and incorporate a pop-up camera system. Or third, it could embed the front-facing camera under the phone's screen.

Now, unfortunately, Samsung has recently stated that while it is working on under-screen camera tech, it is still supposedly at least a couple of years away. So it feels like an under-screen camera solution is unlikely on the Note 10.

Slightly more likely is that Samsung will simply move the pin-hole design camera on the S10 to the centre. But as the South Korean maker uses the Note series as its technical leader each year, simply tweaking a basic design that has already been used in asymmetrical devices like the Galaxy S10 Plus feels unambitious and off.

That leaves the very real possibility that the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will come with a pop-up camera system, maybe even a turbo-charged new version based on the pop-up, rotating system used in the Galaxy A80 (see above video).

Indeed, rumours of the Note 10 coming with a pop-up camera have been circulating for months and, in terms of demonstrating advanced engineering, a combined front/back system that can be hidden and then, when desired, exposed and orientated in any way the user wants, would put a big tick in the Note 10's insta-buy box.

By incorporating a system like this, the Note 10 would also be able to launch a powerful preemptive strike against the all-screen, pop-up camera-toting Huawei Mate 30 literally months before the Chinese maker's flagship hits the market, with the Note series launching in August each year and the Mate series not until October.

And, with the symmetrical Note 10  flagship also rumoured to come loaded with a huge 4,500 mAh battery, massive 6.7-inch AMOLED display, and super-fast new UFS 3.0 storage, too, it certainly looks like the new Note will be an incredible weapon in Samsung's armoury and, potentially, one that wins it the 2019 smartphone war.

Via: Forbes

Lead image credit: ConceptCreator