Freeview Play is finally arriving next month

Catch-up, on demand and live TV all for free in one place

Freeview Play will finally hit TVs next month almost seven months after it was first mooted.

The almost completely-free service that combines catch-up TV, on-demand and live TV is subscription free, works with all existing broadband connections and the only payment is the trusty old license fee.

Freeview Play will first hit Panasonic's 2015 range of Viera TVs where viewers get the option to scroll back through the TV guide for catch-up programmes or access the stellar on-demand service through the apps page.

Those that don't want to splash out on a Panasonic TV will be served by a pair of Blu-ray recorders and two digital recorders from the same company that are equipped with Freeview Play. Humax, Manhattan TV and Vestel also have products in the pipeline.

If you think you've heard of something similar to Freeview Play before then you'd be right. Youview offers almost the exact same service except it has been a feature of paid for services like BT and TalkTalk. As such it has been seen as a paid-for product when it in fact offers a free service.

It will be most interesting to see how TV manufacturers take to the service and that could be key to whether Freeview Play sinks or swims.

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