foxL v2 Bluetooth portable speaker coming soon

Designed for the demanding audiophile in all of us

The foxL v2 is one of just a few portable speakers that claim to be for the true audiopohile, addressing the misconception that portable speakers are bad

The foxL v2 Bluetooth is a portable speaker that plans to change the way you feel about portable speakers. Boasting some truly premium hardware under the shell the foxL v2 Bluetooth exists to prove the myth wrong.

foxL v2 Bluetooth specs start with two 1-inch patented Twoofers which have been tuned to 100Hz giving them both a range that will allow a full eight octaves of uncompromised clear audio.

On the back is another feature unique to the foxL v2 which is a Bass Radiator, both accenting the bass response but also giving the bass range an additional lower octave.

Musical Fidelity claim the foxL v2 has a 12-hour battery life and will offer up handsfree calling thanks to Bluetooth 2.0 A2DP.

The foxL v2 will be available in the second half of June and is priced at £169.99