Best Fitbit deals: almost 30% off Fitbit Inspire AND Fitbit Ace 2

One fitness band for adults and one activity tracker for the little one, both reduced in price

Cheap Fitbit Inspire cheap Ftibit Ace 2 kids activity tracker fitness tracker deal
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Deciding whether it's a good deal or not when you look at the prices on Amazon can be a bit of a guessing game. Seemingly, everything is always reduced, but was it not the same price last week?

Well, these cheap Fitbit deals are REAL. The Fitbit Ace 2 kid's activity tracker hasn't been this cheap before and it's also a good price for the Fitbit Inspire fitness tracker. They both usually sell for £70 each. At the same time, there's also Cheap Fitbit Charge 2 deals while those in search of smart scales can tuck in to Fitbit Aria 2 deals. Arguably, now is the best time to get a cheap Fitbit deal prior to Black Friday.

We have just recently compared the Fitbit Ace 2 with the Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 in our Fitbit Ace 2 vs Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 showdown, and said that the Fitbit Ace 2 is great for all but probably better for older children (8+ years).

The Fitbit Inspire has all the perks of a great fitness tracker, in a quality you'd expect from a Fitbit product. It lacks the heart rate monitor but between you and me, wrist based heart rate tracking is not all that reliable anyway.

Fitbit Inspire health and fitness tracker | Sale price £49.99 | Was £69.99 | Save £20 (29%)
With battery life of up to five days, the Fitbit Inspire uses auto-exercise recognition and connects to your phone via Bluetooth. The Fitbit app provides loads of useful stats and metrics so you can track your your activities more precisely. The Inspire is also water resistant so you can wear in the shower and in the pool, too.View Deal

Fitbit Ace 2 kids activity tracker | Sale price £49.99 | Was £69.99 | Save £20 (29%)
Make being active fun and inspiring for kids with the Fitbit Ace 2. The Ace 2 is water resistant and has a battery life up to five days. the Fitbit app also has parental controls so you can set your child's profile up along with yours. Kids will love the virtual badges they get for completing their daily activity challenges and goals.View Deal

Why should I buy the Fitbit Inspire and/or Fitbit Ace 2 fitness tracker?

Fitness trackers can greatly improve your fitness levels by motivating you (and your child) to move more. In our connected world, we are used to put labels on all aspects of our life, including our fitness levels.

By using a Fitbit activity tracker, you can be sure that the measurement you took will represent actual data and not just some made up numbers. Although there might be an abundance of cheap fitness trackers available on Amazon, for example, but you never know how accurate they will be.

Another great thing about Fitbit activity bands is the app they come with. The Fitbit app is very user friendly and as mentioned above, you can set up multiple accounts for all members of the family.

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