Anker Eufy smart scale deal: a FRACTION of the price of Fitbit Aria 2 but with ALL the features you need

It even looks kind of similar, without being an outright knock-off

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The Eufy smart scale is a surprisingly accurate device that has most of the features of the Fitbit Aria 2, for one third of the price. What's the catch? Well, without having used it, we're struggling to find it. Sure, accuracy might turn out to be poor but in our experience products by Anker home subsidiary Eufy are usually of very high quality for their price. Unlike, for instance, some of the Chinese knock-offs that come up when you search for 'Fitbit' on Amazon…

• Buy Eufy smart scale on Amazon for £31.99, was £89.00, you save £57.01 – 64%

The Eufy smart scale can measure 12 different metrics, including weight, body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and more. Even better, you can have up to 20 different accounts using the EufyLife app, making it an ideal smart scale for people who share their households with 19 other people.

Eufy Smart Scale £32 | Was £89 | Save £57 at Amazon
Track 12 different metrics with high-accuracy using the EufyLife app. The Eufy smart scale connects to your phone vie Bluetooth and you can have up to 20 different accounts, too. Rated 4 stars based on 270 reviews on Amazon. Offer ends midnight 20 August.View Deal

Why you should buy the Eufy Smart Scale

This smart scale is also compatible with Google Fit, Apple Health and even the Fitbit app, so wherever you keep your health data, the Eufy smart scale will be able feed readings straight into that app.

That being said, the EufyLife app is actually a quite well-made app that connects to the scale using Bluetooth. This means the phone needs to be in the relative proximity of the scale to be able to sync them. Not like you will want to perform a sync when you are in Shanghai and the scale is in Milton Keynes.

The scale itself only displays weight, the rest of the stats are displayed in the EufyLife app.

The eufy smart scale's maximum load capacity is 180 kg.

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