Chinese firm sues Facebook over Timeline feature

Chinese firm is accusing Zuckerburg and co of copying its Timeline feature

Cubic Network, a Chinese web company, is suing Facebook by claiming that Zuckerberg copied its Timeline feature

The Pinterest-like social network launched its Timeline feature on February 9 2008, which shows updates in chronological order. Facebook launched its own version of timeline in 2011, three years later.

Harvard graduate Xiong Wanli founded the Cubic Network, and allegedly held a talk about the Timeline feature several years ago. According to China Youth Daily, Mark Zuckerberg attended the event, and Wanli has video evidence to prove it.

It seems unlikely that such a claim will succeed, given that it would be difficult to copyright something as basic as chronological order. Still, stranger cases have been successful, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Via TechRadar