Exclusive T3 render of an Xbox One smartphone

The phone Microsoft should be making...

Some of T3.com's resident artists have been putting together an exclusive 3D render of a Microsoft Xbox One smartphone. It's what we all want to see...

Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer, has said he wants a "one strategy, one Microsoft" approach to dictate the company's future.

What that means is a tighter integration of the key technologies being developed over at Richmond. Of course, when T3 heard about this, we just thought of an Xbox One smartphone.

Humour us - take a second and just imagine how cool that would be?

What would it look like? What would the features be?

Well, we decided that a new, unofficial 3D render was in order to answer those very questions.

So, after promptly dispatching our crack team of digital artists, we've got a new video to show you of what we reckon an Xbox One smartphone could be like.

Now it's up to Microsoft to take notice and get this thing made. Of course, if Apple is more your cup of tea, you can check out our exclusive iPhone lite render here.

Check out the video below and let us know your thoughts. You can post in the comments box below, or hit us up over at our YouTube channel, Facebook page or Twitter feed.