Everything we're expecting to hear from Google today

Remember, remember the 4th of October

If you've had your ear close to the ground you'll know that Google has a special press event arranged for later today, Tuesday 4 October, and sources inside and outside the Mountain View company are suggesting it could be a very significant one indeed.

There's a landing page where you can sign up for updates, and a live stream available on YouTube to watch everything as it unfolds. Google is promising "something new to love" for us to enjoy - so what are all the rumours pointing to in terms of what's in store?

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Google Pixel smartphones


At this stage it would be a huge surprise if Google didn't unveil two new smartphones, called the Pixel and the Pixel XL.

Pixel is apparently the successor to Nexus though it's not clear why Google has made the switch - to emphasise that these are more 'own-brand' phones? To better directly challenge the iPhone? To fit in with the Pixel Chromebooks and tablets? At the moment we're just guessing.

The handsets are said to be made by HTC and will reportedly go on sale on 20 October. The Pixel is the smaller 5-inch handset, while the Pixel XL stretches to 5.5 inches, following the pattern laid down by the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P last year.

The Pixel XL should also be the more expensive of the two - and there are rumours Google is aiming for the higher end of the market this time around.

A two-tone effect is apparently on the way for the back cases, as you can see from the images above (not actually official ones but the impressive work of tech channel Rozetked).

Google Home


Google Home was announced at the I/O conference back in May, but the word on the Google street is that it'll get another chance to shine on Tuesday when price and availability details will be released.

If you missed the news the first time around, it's essentially the Google version of the Amazon Echo (Google even gave Amazon a shout out during the announcement).

You can ask Google Home questions, get it to play your music, use it to control your smart home and so on. Like Google Allo, it also comes with the new Google Assistant built in, so all of Google's advanced AI cleverness is only a voice command away.

The pint-sized speaker could in fact end up being the flagship product for Google Assistant, which looks like it's taking over many of the duties of Google Now.

It looks smaller and chunkier than the original Echo but Google didn't give away many details in May - we're expecting to hear much more about it, plus that all-important price, at the event on the 4th.

Another Google router and a better Chromecast


If the rumour mill is to be believed - and don't forget this is all informed-but-unconfirmed speculation at this point - then Google is also going to announce a companion device to its OnHub router for even easier Wi-Fi management.

The new device, if its real, will help form a wireless mesh of connectivity around the home, putting an end to dead spots and ensuring you can get internet everywhere. It will also take care of all the normal router jobs.

Pricing is said to be quite cheap - somewhere in the region of $129, Android Police says.

There have also been suggestions that a new Chromecast dongle is on the cards. It's already one of Google's most popular products, but the new and improved version is tipped to offer 4K high-definition streaming.

It's going to be called the Chromecast Ultra, according to Android Police, and the existing Chromecast will remain on sale alongside it.

Reports suggest the new device will cost more than the old one at $69 (that's about £55 with a direct currency conversion).

The Andromeda OS


Finally there's a tantalising rumour doing the rounds that Google has something called Andromeda up its sleeve - the software that finally merges Chrome OS and Android into one all-powerful operating system.

Once again Android Police has the scoop, and it says we'll only get getting a teaser of Andromeda (which is an internal codename) on the 4th. In other words, don't expect to see hardware running the OS for a while.

At the same time 9to5Google thinks that a tablet and a convertible laptop running Andromeda are in the works.

If Google does mention Andromeda on Tuesday it's unlikely that we'll be able to get our hands on it straight away. Chrome OS was recently given the ability to run Android apps, but the feature hasn't yet rolled out to all Chromebook models.

All of which means the event on 4 October is definitely one to watch out for. Everything is scheduled to start at 9am Pacific Time, which is 5pm in the UK, and you'll be able to read all about it after the event here on T3.