Ericsson tests 5G wireless, hits incredible 5Gbps

4G who? Mobile speeds reach dizzying heights in the lab

Ericsson's unbelievable 5G test results make 4G LTE look like the 56k modems of yesteryear.

Swedish telecom firm Ericsson has successfully achieved a wireless speed of 5Gbps - a promising result for the future of mobile internet.

The test was conducted over a 15GHz frequency band to show network providers the potential of 5G connectivity over the next decade.

"With faster speeds, lower latency and better performance in highly dense areas, 5G represents an evolution of the user experience," says Ericsson's PR department.

"Though 5G standards are still in early development and new spectrum allocations are still to be considered, Ericsson's live demonstration is a clear reflection of the company's technology leadership."

A mobility report released by the company last month suggested that 85% of US mobile subscriptions will be 4G LTE by 2019, and that 2020 could see adoption of 5G networks in countries like the USA, Japan, and South Korea.

Network providers SK Telecom, from South Korea, and NTT Docomo, from Japan, have already signed up for 5G trials to kickstart the process of pushing super high-speed internet on mobile devices as soon as possible.

"SK Telecom plans to take the lead in 5G wireless services so we are pleased to see the progress that Ericsson has already made with their live demonstration of 5G performance," says Alex Jingsung Choi, Exec VP and head of R&D at SK Telecom.

"5G will build upon the investment that we have made in the Long Term Evolution and expand our service offering to all of our customers."

With only 70% of the country covered by 4G in January 2014, 5G seems a long way off for the UK. We're not sure whether 5G connectivity will arrive in Blighty by 2020, but at least we have a better idea of speeds for the next generation of mobile internet.