EE puts the EE in Black Friday Deels with iPhone 6S and Nokia 8 at no upfront cost and cut-price Beats headphones

Then realises that isn't how you spell 'deals'

EE always gets into the swing of Black Friday with a plethora of deals onslightly older mobiles, and SIM-free deals. Or, as EE puts it: 


They didn't really use all those exclamation marks. There will be further deals come Black Friday itself, November 24.

Phones deals

Been wondering if now is the time to get on the Nokia Comeback Bandwagon? EE has its flagship Nokia 8 in matt blue with 64GB for no upfront cost, £30.49 per month for 24 months, with 500 minutes! Unlimited texts! Er… 500MB data. Yay. 

Get the 'popular' iPhone 6S 32GB, 'free' on EE’s Essential Plan for £30.49 per month with 500MB of data (24-month contract). 

Get the 32GB and 128GB models of the iPhone SE with no upfront cost on an EE Essential plan for £20.49 and £25.49 per month respectively (24 month contracts), both with 500MB of data.

If you prefer a Samsung Galaxy phone, EE has no-upfront deals on the Galaxy A3 (£18.99 per month for 24 months with 300MB of data) and Galaxy A5 (£25.49 per month for 24 months with 500MB of data) 

Probably the best phone of the lot is the Huawei P10, which is available with no upfront costs on an EE Essentials plan at £25.49 per month for 24 months, again with 500MB of data.

In short: if you can get by on not much data, and want a free phone of very solid quality, EE has your back.

Want a bit more data on the UK's fastest and easiest to spell network? EE probably has your back there, too.

Pay monthly deals: tablets

The excellently-named Huawei T3 8-inch tablet is £45 upfront then  just £14 per month on a 24-month EE Essentials contract, including 2GB of data.

SIM only, from November 22

From November 22 you'll be able to save £204 on a £19.99 a month 12-month 4GEE, SIM only contract, with 20GB of data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts, or receive a £100 reward card on a £26 a month 12-month 4GEE Max plan with 25GB of data, unlimited calls and unlimited texts. 

There are also various PAYG deals going down…

Home broadband deals

Sign up for EE home broadband and get free set-up on all plans, plus a reward card based on the broadband deal chosen: £50 reward card for ADSL, £75 reward card for fibre, £100 reward card for fibre plus and £125 reward card for fibre max.

Existing pay monthly EE customers will also be eligible for a 5GB data boost on their mobile device when they sign up to a new home broadband deal.

Get Cheap Beats headphones via EE's Add To Plan

EE also does some interesting deals where you buy accessories over the course of your mobile contract.

UR Beats – £4 per month (£44 total). This is EE’s best ever Beats UR offer yet. In fact it's so good, it seems to have now vanished from the website.

There's also deals on charging pads, people!

Mophie Wireless Charging Pad – £4 per month, £44 total, 20% off standalone price, Samsung Convertible Wireless Charger – £3 per month, £33 total, 50% off standalone price