Some of these Dreams mattress deals will make you want to lie down: up to 50% off

Because a good night's sleep shouldn't cost you a fortune

cheap dreams mattress deals
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Unless you are planning to literally not sleep until Black Friday – it's months away, by the way – today might be THE day to grab a mattress deal. It's the Dreams half price sale, everyone! 

• Buy a new mattress at Dreams with up to half price sale on a range of mattresses

There are offers on a variety of mattress types and brands over at Dreams, you've just been paid, treat yourself to a new mattress. Some of these mattress deals are as much as 50 per cent off, and will only set you back a couple of hundred pounds the most. It's the perfect time to get rid of that sagging, patchy and potentially mite-ridden slab you call a mattress…

Some of these mattress deals are time limited but will last until early next week, or while stocks last. Can't be bothered to pick through all the deals? These are our favourites…

Best cheap mattress offer (from just over £100) 

Watson traditional spring mattress – Double, sale Price £119, was £279, save £160 [57%]

Best deal on a more premium, supportive mattress

Insignia Charnwood pocket sprung mattress – Double, sale price £799, was £1,099, Save £300 [27%]

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Dreams up to half price mattress sale

Insignia Ashdown pocket sprung mattress – Double | Sale Price £599 | Was £1,199 | Save £600 (50%)
With over a 1000 pocket springs and using natural cotton fillings, the Insignia Ashdown provides excellent support for a great night sleep. This firm mattress comes with two rows of side stitching so you won't roll off the bed during the night.View Deal

Team GB Annison pocket sprung mattress – Double | Sale Price £349 | Was £699 | Save £350 (50%)
The Team GB Annison mattress comes with 800 pocket springs (King) as well as a memory foam layer that moulds to your body when you sleep. At medium firmness level, the Annison has a soft-touch knitted fabric cover with quilted finish.View Deal

Team GB Maitland pocket sprung mattress – Double | Sale Price £299 | Was £599 | Save £300 (50%)
Another Team GB offering, the Maitland is a firm mattress sports 100 individual pocket springs (King) and is double sided with deep layers of fillings on each side. The Maitland is a firm tufted mattress with a classic damask cover.View Deal

DBF Turner traditional spring mattress – Double | Sale Price £199 | Was £399 | Save £200 (50%)
One of the cheapest mattress on offer, the Turner is traditional open spring mattress with a firm comfort grade. The soft touch damask cover gently strokes your skin when you lay down on the Turner. Made in the UK, of course.View Deal

20% off Hypnos mattresses highlight

The Hypnos sale ends on August 5, so don't sleep on these offers; check them out now!

Hypnos Cohan pocket sprung mattress – Double | Sale Price £879 | Was £1,099 | Save £220 (20%)
A more premium mattress, the Cohan has 1400 ReActiveTM 6-turn pocket springs (king size) and layered with Solotex, latex and wool for ultimate comfort. This medium mattress is upholstered with 100 per cent viscose Belgian damask and was made in the UK (naturally). Also comes with 10-year guarantee as standard.View Deal

Further Sleep Sale reduction highlights

There are further reductions as part of the Sleep Sale, see our top picks below. The Sleep Sale ends on August 6!

Watson traditional spring mattress – Double | Sale Price £119 | Was £279 | Save £160 (57%)
If you want to get a new mattress but don't want to spend more than a month's worth of council tax, the Watson is your choice. This firm mattress is constructed with a traditional open-spring technology and has a soft-touch damask cover. Does what it says on the box. Better than half price!View Deal

Insignia Charnwood pocket sprung mattress – Double | Sale Price £799 | Was £1,099 | Save £300 (27%)
Probably the most advanced mattress on sale, the Insignia Charnwood has 3000 pocket springs (king) as well as 4 row side stitching for unmatched edge support. Natural cotton and wool fillings makes this firm mattress the ultimate sleeping accessory. View Deal

Why you should buy a new mattress

In the UK, we have a bad-mattress epidemic, with people sleeping on decades-old mattresses. That's despite the National Sleep Foundation recommending we get a new one every 8 years at most. 

About 80 per cent of adults experience lower back pain at some point in their lifetimes globally and sleeping in the wrong position with the spine not aligned is one of the major cause of this.

However, some mattresses can cost you way over a £1,000, an amount a lot of people find hard to justify. That's why a sale like this Dreams one is a great time to consider this most vital but infrequent of purchases.

• Shop the Dreams sale now and save up to 50%

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