Ditch your towels and check out this full body dryer

The latest in anti-towel technology…

Coming soon to a bathroom near you, The Body Dryer is a revolutionary way to shed that excess water.

A new product, dubbed The Body Dryer, has launched on IndieGogoaiming to replace towels as part of your post-shower dry-down.

The dryer looks very much like a weighing scale, and will blast warm air over your body from five different nozzles. You can also set it to pump out cold air, but who wants that?

Launched on April 1st, the start-up has already raised $23,500 of its $50,000 goal, with the $125 early adopter funding option already sold out.

“We created this product to replace bacteria filled and environmentally harmful bathroom towels,” says Tyler Overk, Body Dryer team member.

The team says owning a dryer will do away with the energy costs coming from washing your towels every week.

“I have worked in the environmental studies field for many years and am constantly looking for simple inventions that have long lasting positive impacts on the environment, and peoples lives.”

The project still has 29 more days to reach funding, but at nearly half its target in just 48 hours, it's likely to hit the mark.

Check out the video below for more:

By Sean Keach