Denon announces new range of high-end headphones

Prices start at the sweet spot of £200 and go up to £350

Denon wants you to go crazy for music with its AH-MM400, MM300 and MM200 range of "Music Mainac" headphones.

The MN400s cost £350 and are over-the-ear headphones. Denon says that this wil give you decent noise isolation so you can enjoy your music without interruption from nearby conversation. They are also made from real American Walnut, which is very classy indeed. The sonic advantage to wood is that it offers a natural tone and smashing style.

The MM300s are £300 and the earcups are made from aluminium alloy. A choice of cables is provided, one with an inline remote and microphone for phone use, another with a standard cable. Audiophiles, of course, don't much line inline controls because they can upset the sound. Denon says the MM300 headphones are great, even if you're listening outside, thanks to its tuning and the 40mm drivers.

The cheaper MM200 headphones are designed to sit on your ears and as such have smaller, 30mm drivers. Again, a choice of cables is provided for either phone, or Hi-Fi listening.

Denon points out that it has examined over 4000 pairs of ears over its long history. That, it argues, makes it something of an expert when it comes to designing headphones that look good, sound good and feel nice. The only problem is, what comforts your ears will cause your wallet some severe pain.