Deltenna WiBe brings 2Mbps browsing to rural areas

WiFi device has 5-times the range of a 3G dongle

Bringing WiFi to farmers over the phone exchange

Small UK based company Deltenna has today released the Wireless Broadband Enabler, or WiBE, to provide broadband and mobile internet for those a long way out of the phone exchange. The WiBE is a sleek device aiming to provide broadband speeds of 2Mbps, when an ordinary mobile wouldn't possess a signal. That's the sticks, to you and me.


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Although the WiBE boasts a maximum throughput of 7.2Mbps, research in targeted rural areas produced an average download speed of 2.8Mbps. In areas of weak signal such as these, it claims to offer data throughput 30times greater than a 3G USB modem dongle, with a connection range five-times more extensive. The average download speed for a mobile phone or a 3G dongle generally only have a download speed of less than 1Mbps. These features are achieved through Deltenna's patented antennae and alignment algorithms.

Easy to set up, the 18cm x 13cm WiBE takes a standard SIM card and can sit anywhere in a in your home or office. There's a 4G LTE network hub under development too, which should provide farmers with broadband speeds of 50Mbps and above. Stormin'.