Cyber Monday: Neato Botvac D5 Connected - T3's favourite robot vacuum cleaner - just got £200 cheaper

Botvacs for the many not the few

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You do get a right load of old tut on the shelves/webpages of retailers over Cyber Monday, Black Friday and Brown Week Leading Up to Black Friday.

But you also get some bona fide bargains, like this D5 Botvac Connected.

If you peruse the above list you will see the Neato Botvac D5 Connected sitting pretty at the top. Okay maybe not 'pretty' – it's a black D-shaped troll that would be laughed off of Robot Wars – but it's sat there.

That's because the Botvac combines the cleaning power of the Dyson robot vac with the intelligence of a quite intelligent child, or cat. It can find its way around, get over obstacles, all while sucking up dust and grime, then retreat back to its base when its time to recharge, or it finishes doing your entire carpet/flat/floor of your house (like Daleks, it can't get up or down stairs, alas, although sensors prevent it from falling down them, at least.

We think it's the best there is, even when it costs £600. But today, it's only £399.99 – that is a DEAL.

Neato Botvac D5 Connected | £399.99 | Was £599.99

'LaserSmart' navigation scans, maps, and methodically cleans your floors, regardless of changing light levels, while the 'D' shape means it makes a decent fist of getting up close to walls and into corners. Suction performance is cracking, although you will probably need to empty the bin after every couple of cleans. We found it easy to maintain and reliable.

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