Crush the Rebel Alliance with these smartphone-controlled AT-ACTs

Being the Empire has never been so much fun

Let's be honest, being the bad guys is always more fun - especially so when said big bads happen to be Star Wars' very own Galactic Empire. And while even the most ambitious of would-be emperors are still waiting on modern technology to produce them a working Death Star, Hasbro has come up with the next best thing: an AT-ACT you can control remotely with your phone.

Okay, so it's not a full-sized one, but a 3.75-inch replica unveiled at this year's San Diego Comic Con (SDCC). Created by Hasbro, the toy firm that's enjoyed a long and fruitful partnership with the Star Wars brand, this AT-ACT (an earlier form of the AT-AT featured in upcoming Star Wars spin-off Star Wars: Rogue One in December) can be controlled directly from your smartphone with a series of simple taps and swipes.

That remote functionality also extends a set of four foam darts you can fire out to reign imaginary destruction on your foes. There's a cargo hold in the middle of the toy that can be detatched, which in turn can be used to anchor a zip line all the way from the walker to the ground, perfect for a cool action figure entrance.

Talking of action figures, the Hascro AT-ACT also comes with three of them - including new Rebel goodie Jyn Erso, an Imperial driver, and an Imperial Astromech. Hascro has confirmed that this awesome set will be available for purchase from 30 September,

Via: Game Informer

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