Control the new 4K-ready Garmin action camera with the power of your voice

The Virb Ultra 30 even lets you livestream to YouTube

Is there anything the modern action camera can't do? First there's news the new GoPro Hero 5 will have a touchscreen and GPS, now Garmin has unveiled its new addition to the market - and its only gone and added 4K video, livestreaming and voice control.

The Virb Ultra 30 is the model in question, and Garmin is really hedging its bets with this new incarnation. For a start, it gets one up on Sony's current offerings (which use digital stabilisation) with the use of 3-axis image stabilisation, which utilises mechanical parts inside the camera to compensate for vibrations and subsequent blurring.

Best of all, this new feature works in all the modes the Virb Ultra 30 is offering, including slow motion, 1080p and the glitzy world of 4K. Being able to retain that smoothness when shooting, regardless of how extreme or active you're being is a huge addition to its roster.

As we mentioned before, you can livestream your video direct to YouTube - so if you're taking to the slopes on a board or zooming down a hill on your mountain bike, you can now share your adrenaline adventures direct with the world of YT.

With a clear LCD touchscreen to control your shots, you'll also have the ability to switch between modes and start and stop recording footage with the power of your voice. Oh and there's GPS, because everything is better with GPS.

You can pick a Garmin Virb Ultra 30 up today for $500 (£380).

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