Cheap turbo trainer deals for January 2020: save big on Tacx and more in the Wiggle sale

Get Tour 2020 ready on your road bike, indoors

cheap turbo trainer deals
(Image credit: Tacx)

Unfortunately, the weather is getting back to normal, which means a lot of rain and wind is coming our way. Not great for cycling or outdoor training in general, especially if you have just recently invested thousands of pounds into a new Specialized road bike.

There's an alternative: indoor cycling. You can do this on a dedicated fitness machine such as a Wattbike Atom or you can get a turbo trainer and use your own road bike indoors.

Turbo trainers use magnetic, fluid or electro resistance to imitate real-world scenarios indoors. Many of the cheap turbo trainer deals below are compatible with apps such as the Tacx Cycling app or the Bkool Simulator. You can cycle on world-famous tracks and get ready for the next season, whenever it may be.

To be honest, after using a turbo trainer, you might just end up preferring indoor training over near-life experiences on the main road, dodging lorries and potholes.

Top picks from Wiggle's turbo trainer sale

Tacx Bushido smart trainer | Sale price £259.99 | Was £549 | Save £289.01 (52%)
This wireless, self-powered turbo trainer is Bluetooth enabled and also comes with a free app. The 1,400 watts motor ensures that even steep climbs are tackled easily and smoothly by the Bushido. The accompanying Tacx cycling app has plenty of real-life footage from all over the world so you can travel the world on your bike, indoors. View Deal

LifeLine TT-01 magnetic turbo trainer incl. riser | Sale price £54.99 | Was £99.99 | Save £45 (45%)
The sensibly-priced LifeLine TT-01 has 6 different magnetic resistance levels that can be operated by the remote gear lever. It also folds up for easier transportation and storage. This bundle includes a riser block for a more natural riding position. ANT+ compatible and Bluetooth-enabled, the TT-01 has an approx. 800 watts power output.View Deal

Tacx Vortex smart trainer | Sale price £179| Was £379 | Save £200 (52%)
The Vortex is the smaller sibling of the Tacx Bushido. With a maximum power output of 950 watts, it is perfectly suitable an average-level training sessions. The Vortex has an electric brake and it is enabled with Bluetooth as well. Naturally, it is also compatible with the Tacx cycling app. Train with your tablet or smartphone using footage from real-world tracks.View Deal

Elite Turbo Muin II fluid direct drive trainer | Sale price £294.99 | Was £449.99 | Save £155 (34%)
The Muin II is extremely quiet; training with it you will only hear the whirr of your bike, not the trainer. The high power output is ideal for cadence, power and speed-based training sessions. Indoor training is not road bike exclusive anymore., you can even use an MTB bike with the Muin II The fluid resistance and the direct drive provides a smooth ride. View Deal

Bkool Smart Pro II trainer | Sale price £289.99 | Was £499.99 | Save £210 (42%)
Riding with the Smart Pro II couldn't be easier: no need to set it up, just plug in and go. The motor's max power out put is 1200 watts and it operates with a magnetic resistance. The Bkool Simulator provides the most lifelike indoor training experience yet using smart resistance, a system that adjusts the resistance automatically according to the route. Training with the Smart Pro II, you won't feel stuck inside, ever.View Deal

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