Cheap OLED TV deal! Save £300 on the Sony A8 in John Lewis' Black Friday deals

Grab a five-star 55-inch Sony Bravia OLED for less with this brilliant Black Friday deal

Sony A8 Deal
(Image credit: Sony)

Black Friday TV deals are in full flow and it's great news if you have had a beady eye on Sony's brilliant A8 Series OLED TVs. As part of their Black Friday deals, John Lewis has reduced the Sony Bravia 55-inch KD55A8 from £1599 to £1299. This is an absurdly attractive price point for an OLED screen with Sony's proprietary Acoustic Surface Audio meaning you don't need to invest in a separate soundbar. 

As we said in our five-star Sony A8 review, this is a "tour de force" of a television, with incredible picture and sound quality. "The extended light range created by Sony’s pixel booster technology combines with the exceptional depth and control of its black levels to deliver some spectacularly intense images with HDR sources." 

•  Sony KD55A8 OLED TV | Was £1599 | Now £1299 | Save £300 at John Lewis

While the lack of support for new-generation console features is disappointing – for screens that support 120Hz and VRR on the PS5 and Xbox Series X, check out our best gaming TVs – where the A8 truly sings is when it comes to audio. Pun absolutely intended. Acoustic Surface Audio tech effectively turns the 55-inch display itelsef into a speaker, meaning that instead of the usual smart TV speakers blasting audio at your walls, the A8 fires it forwards into the room.

As we said in our review, this "gives the sound a wide, open quality you don’t typically hear with regular TV speakers" and "few TVs sound more as consistently satisfying and involving."

Looking at picture quality and Sony's X1 Ultimate Processor means that the A8  is especially good at upscaling non 4K content. Going back to our review, "it uses a huge dual database of learned image attributes to identify the sort of source you’re watching and apply the best picture settings accordingly. This is particularly important when it comes to upscaling sub-4K sources to the screen’s native 4K resolution." Ideal then for when you just want to catch up with your favourite TV shows and not have to worry about the cameras they were shot on.

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Finally, streaming wise, the A8 has all the apps you'll need for a winter of endless movie and TV content. The Netflix Calibrated mode even means that the streaming giant's content looks exactly as the directors intended. Other apps include iPlayer, ITV Hub, Amazon Prime Video and Now TV. The much-coveted Apple TV+ app is apparently still coming soon but the A8 has AirPlay 2 enabled so you can always just stream from your iPad/iPhone until the native app arrives. 

Sony 4K OLED 55-inch TV | Was £1599 | Now £1299 | Save £300 at John Lewis
Seeing a winner of T3's Platinum Award with a saving of £300 is a firm reassurance that there truly are good Black Friday TV deals out there. With exceptional sound and picture quality, this is one of T3's favourite OLED TVs of 2020. While those with a new generation console should err in the direction of LG's CX range, those just looking for incredible imagery and brilliant audio without having to invest in a soundbar, look no further. You've found your perfect 55-inch OLED. View Deal

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