Can Razer's updated Nabu fitness tracker save you from the zombie apocalypse?

Update for the social fitness band brings better screen, UI improvements and THIS gory, undead-related video

Razer, one of the more nichefitness trackermanufacturers (given that it mainly makes gaming laptops and accessories), has just unveiled the next generation of itsNabuwearable at the PAX Prime gamer-fest. Word is it can help you stay in touch, keep you notified, and assist in the slaying of the undead, using big, pointy sticks.

The device offers step-based fitness tracking, easy social linking with fellow Nabu wearers, an auto-sleep tracking function and phone notifications. It also boasts by FAR the most gory advert for a fitness tracker we've ever seen, in the form of Five Rules of Zombie Survival.

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In fact, with considerably more decapitations than every Fitbit and Jawbone promo put together, ever, we'd probably go so far as to say that it's probably NSFW.

The Nabu features several improvements over the previous model, the main one being the boosting of the OLED display to a 128x16 resolution. This will display your activity goal, as well as smartphone notifications. There's also an improved, backwards-compatible smartphone app.

The Nabu features a standard 3-axis accelerometer, and Low Energy Bluetooth to pair with both iOS and Android phones. And it attaches like this.

Min-Liang Tan, CEO of Razer said, "When we originally announced the Razer Nabu at CES 2014, we recieved a ton of feedback on features that users enjoyed and aspects that needed improvement."

"We re-designed the Razer Nabu with that feedback, including a change in the placement of the button for a more intuitive user experience"

Battery life will last for a claimed six days, and the jazzed-up companion app will give a clearer picture of your daily activity.

The improved app will also be compatible with the original Nabu and the more basic, screenless Nabu X bands, with users being able to download a beta version of the application now. At PAX Prime, 2,000 of this exclusive version of the Nabu X were given away to attendees.

The Nabu will cost $99 USD (UK pricing TBC but presumably around £70). With pre-orders opening on September 15, the device will begin shipping in October.