Build a Fantastic Contraption with Vive's new interactive app

Get hype for one of the most exciting looking games coming to HTC's VR headset

One more more exciting than just getting to use a working virtual reality headset is the opportunity to play fully interactive games. It's a brand new medium and studios are finally starting to adapt existing games and build bespoke ones to suit it - just take Fantastic Contraption, a new piece of software all about building the most bizarre yet functional invention.

Set to arrive with HTC Vive when it launched on 5 April, Fantastic Contraption was first designed back in 2008 as a simple, non-VR building game and ever since users have created millions of crazy machines using nothing more than blocks and bubbles that can be stretched and molded to suit any mental blueprint.

Think of this mixed reality app as a cross between a team building exercise and a mad session with kid's Lego collection. You can conjure shapes and components instantaneously by a simple flick of the Vive motion controllers. Now rebuilt from the ground up for VR, Fantastic Contraption suddenly feels fresh and exciting again.

Rather than just asking you to build a mad bit of tech for no reason, Fantastic Contraption is comprised of over 40 puzzles that need a certain kind of creation to reach its solution. It's also, more importantly, a socially-minded experience so you can work together to build the best contraption or compare your efforts to your friends.

Via: Fantastic Contraption

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