BT’s best fibre broadband deal includes a free Fitbit Charge 3 and up to £90 credit to spend anywhere

Great free gifts when you sign up for BT fibre broadband

BT’s best fibre broadband deal

BT is dishing out free Fitbit Charge 3 fitness trackers to anybody who signs-up for its latest raft of broadband deals. Given that the Charge 3 only launched in the UK at the start of the month, it's a particularly great freebie.

The latest offer applies to everything from its entry-level Fibre Essential for £29.99 per month, up to the maxed-out 67Mb Superfast Fibre 2 at £41.99 per month.

The £129.99 Fitbit Charge 3 is waterproof to 50 metres (164ft) down, support for contactless payments, 7-day battery life, and a 40% larger touchscreen compared to the previous generation. T3 was incredibly impressed with the Fitbit Charge 3 – despite its somewhat uninspiring design – during our recent early verdict Fitbit Charge 3 review.

A free Charge 3 is certainly a nice Brucie Bonus, but that's not all you get with the latest BT Broadband deals. The telecom company is still running its Reward Card giveaway, so new customers will walk away with a prepaid credit card to spend online or in-store anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

Those who sign-up for the £31.99 a month Superfast Fibre plan will get £80 to splash in their favourite store, while those who plump for the £41.99 a month Superfast Fibre 2 plan will get an extra tenner on their BT Reward Card.

BT Superfast Fibre + Fitbit Charge 3 | 18 months | 50Mb average speed | Weekend calls | £9.99 router delivery | £10 activation | £31.99pm + £80 reward card
The rapid speed of BT's entry-level fibre broadband package equates to roughly 6.25MB per second. The added extras mean that the effective monthly price is less than £22, which is actually less than BT's standard ADSL internet plan.View Deal

If you don't fancy signing up to BT's broadband service, why not head over to T3's best broadband deals page or use the price comparison chart below to see what alternatives are available to you.