British inventor unveils 360 degree camera

BubbleScope will launch in June, allowing users to take 360 degree stills and video from their phone

British inventor unveils smartphone attachment which allows users to take 360 degree stills and video – which will be available from June

British inventor Tom Lawton has unveiled the BubbleScope – a device that clips to smartphones and allows 360 degree video and still capture.

As well as the ability to scroll around an image to get the full surrounding view, users can also circle a video once recorded, viewing the captured scene from any and all angles.

The device has been years in the making, and we understand the police initially approached Lawton to develop it exclusively for them.

He told us: “I have been tirelessly developing a compact and affordable means of instantly capturing and sharing experiences in 360 degrees. It has taken me over a decade to finally realise this vision and am thrilled to be launching my latest and greatest invention, BubbleScope, an optical accessory for your smart phone that lets you shoot 360 bubbles with a click.”

Check out T3's video of the BubbleScope above.

BubbleScope release date and price

The BubbleScope will be available from June in 'all major high street retailers' and the firm's site. It will retail for £64.99.