Dyson deal of the month: almost £100 off the V8 cordless vacuum cleaner

This is the cheapest you’ll find the brilliant V8 Animal cordless vac – and you don’t need a pet to benefit

Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum

If you’ve been looking for a cheap Dyson deal on a best-in-class Dyson cordless vacuum, look no further. Right now, you can buy a refurbished Dyson V8 Animal cordless vacuum for just £259.99 – that’s almost £100 off the usual asking price of £349.99 (and a whopping £190 off its RRP of £449.99). 

Scroll to the bottom of this piece and you'll find two more great Dyson bargains: one refurbished, one new. You can also check out our rolling selection of more of the best deals on Dyson vacuum cleaners, fans, heaters, air purifiers and hair-care products.

Dyson V8 Animal (refurbished): £259.99 (was £349.99)
Save £90
- If you don’t mind buying a refurbished model (and with a one-year guarantee, we don’t) this is a brilliant price for a cordless vacuum from a prestigious name like Dyson. You don’t need pets to get the most from the V8 Animal: it’s the same vac as the V8 Absolute, just with one less attachment in the box. See this great Dyson Animal V8 deal at eBay now.View Deal

What is 'Dyson Refurbished'?

Worried that it's a refurbished model? Don't be. This V8 Animal is being sold on eBay by the Official Dyson Outlet, so you know it’s a reputable retailer, and you’re covered by a one-year guarantee too. 

At just £259.99, this Dyson vac is a bargain. Even more so when you consider the V8 Animal is almost exactly the same as its more expensive sibling, the Dyson V8 Absolute – which we crowned the best cordless vacuum when it came out. (The V8 Absolute retailed at just shy of £500, before Dyson stopped selling it.) 

The only real difference between the V8 Animal and Absolute is the latter came with an extra attachment: a spongey Soft Roller cleaning head for hard floors. We found the Animal’s standard Motorised brush was very good on hard floors (as well as carpets) when we tested it though, so we’re not worried about the missing attachment. And since this is the cheapest Dyson Animal V8 deal we’ve seen by a long way, we’re even less worried. 

Dyson V8 Total Clean Cordless Vacuum: £279.99 (was £440)
Save £160.01
- This refurbished V8 Total Clean is popular on eBay; the Official Dyson Outlet has sold more than 502 models so far (that’s over 60 per cent of available stock). Dyson has now discontinued the Total Clean, but this great cordless vacuum comes with a one-year warrantee and the refurbished model has been rated an average 4.5 out of 5 stars from happy eBay customers. See this V8 Total Clean eBay deal now.View Deal

Today's best Dyson deal on a NEW vacuum cleaner

Dyson V8 Animal: £343 (was £349.99)
Save £6.99
- If you’re not sold on buying a refurbished model, the cheapest V8 Animal deal right now comes via Amazon. It’s not a huge saving (we'd go for the eBay deal above every time) but it is a 14% discount on Amazon’s claimed RRP (£399.99). And it is new. See this V8 Animal deal on Amazon now.View Deal