Bose wireless headphones deal: they look like QC35 II, sound quite similar too

And yet they are not QC35 II; they're SoundLink around-ear headphones

Bose headphones Soundlink around ear 20% off at Amazon

There's one pair of Bose wireless headphones that everyone wants and that's the QuietComfort 35 with noise cancelling. That's bad news for the rest of the Bose roster, but good news for discerning deals hunters, as these similar looking and sounding Bose Soundlink II around ear headphones are now among the Best Bose deals available right now.

• Bose Soundlink II around ear headphones for iOS devices were £200 now £160 at Amazon

They may not feature the most cutting-edge tech, but they're Bluetooth, they have the usual signature Bose sound, and even from quite short distances, people will probably think you've got QC35.

These around ear Bluetooth headphones are available in this white-and-sort-of-caucasian-flesh-tone finish as well as the standard black

Bose SoundLink II wireless around ear headphones | £160 | Was £200 | Save 20%
Able to pair via NFC on compatible devices, these are your classic Bluetooth over-ear (or 'around ear' as Bose calls it) headphones, in a choice of black or white/off white. The battery gives you a solid 15 hours of music per charge (or up to 2 hours from a 15-minute quick charge). You can also make or take calls, with noise-quelling mics built in, or use them to listen to movies on your laptop.View Deal

Bose says: 'Effortless touch controls allow for simple command of your music and calls and voice prompts give you information about battery life, device connection and caller ID. SoundLink wireless headphones are lighter and more comfortable than other comparable wireless headphones so you can enjoy them all day long. Wear them almost anywhere and experience uncompromised wireless performance.'

In the box you get the headphones, a detachable audio cable if you need to conserve battery, and a carry case. Bose products seldom get discounts, and they often don't last long, so get stuck in, Bose lovers.