Best Bose deal of the month: SoundSport Free true wireless gym buds £60 off

Pump up your workout with sweat-proof headphones of real musical quality

Bose Soundsport Free deal

There's a plethora of Bose deals around right now. A veritable plethora! But the definite, one, true King of Bose Deals for May and early June is a third off the price of the T3 Award-winning Bose SoundSport Free true wireless buds. That makes them less than half the price of arch rival Beats Powerbeats Pro. Take that Dr Dre! And you're not even a real doctor!

• Bose SoundSport Free true wireless headphones were £180 now £120 'factory renewed' from Bose

That's a saving of £60. Factory renewed may sound like it means 'second hand' but it's actually as good as new – see the bottom of this page for a full explanation. This is the best of the current wave of Bose discounts, but there are others. If you're after a great Bose QuietComfort 35 II deal, we can help you out there, as well…

Bose SoundSport Free are among the best true wireless buds you can buy, and in this 'factory renewed' form, surprisingly affordable

Bose SoundSport Free true wireless buds | £120 | Was £180 | Save 30%
A £60 discount on these excellent buds is not to be sniffed at. Nor are the buds themselves after you've been wearing them at the gym for an hour. They offer sound quality that's good enough to make them usable when not working out, but their secure yet comfortable fit means they really come into their own during exercise and 'sports' as Americans say. We rank the SoundSport Free among the best headphones for workouts and the best true wireless buds.View Deal

Save £60 or 33.333333% on Bose SoundSport Free buds: now that's a deal

Bose SoundSport Free offer a great fit, with a choice of different-sized ear-tips and hooks. Battery life is 5 hours per charge, and that chunky case gives a further 10 hours of use, because it is also a battery. 

We've always found them to have excellent connectivity, and they are among the best-sounding true wireless buds you can buy. Impressive when you consider they are also sweat and water resistant. They do stick out of your ears quite a long way which a) looks weird and b) means they are susceptible to wind noise. As a result, they're better in the gym than out on the roads, so perhaps stick to the treadmill. Or wear a headband over them.  

What is 'Bose Factory Renewed'?

Bose says: 'Factory Renewed products are a great way to enjoy Bose performance at outstanding value. A Factory Renewed product is one that’s been returned to Bose, for any reason. 

It’s then thoroughly inspected, tested and serviced to meet strict Bose sound quality standards—the same as a new product. Appearance is closely examined; products occasionally have minor, nearly imperceptible blemishes. All Factory Renewed products have the same warranty as new products. And are available only from Bose. Quantities are limited.'

Bose QuietComfort 35 II are £64 off too!

Bose QuietComfort 35 II | £265 | RRP £329 | Save £64 at Peter Tyson
With superb noise cancelling via wireless Bluetooth (there's also the option to plug in a cable to preserve battery), the QuietComfort 35 Mk II is rightly a huge seller, and widely acclaimed. The QC35 Mk II adds a button to awake Google Assistant, meaning that the headphones now excel as a music product, headset for making phone calls, and a sort of AI butler. Peter Tyson often has the best discounts on the QC35 II and that's certainly true today. Both the black and silver finishes are available.View Deal