Black Friday just arrived early with this awesome robot vacuum cleaner deal at Amazon

Get a massive 47% off this robot vac at Amazon

Neato Botvac 750 Pet Edition Deal
(Image credit: Neato)

Robot vacs are a classic Black Friday deals item because really, nobody wants to pay full price for these things. Today – and only today as it's a one-day deal – one of best robo-cleaners you can get is £479.99 off RRP, and suddenly a lot more welcoming, and it's not even Black Friday yet.

• Neato Robotics Botvac D750 Pet Edition was £899.990 now £479.99  – save £420

Botvacs are easily among the best robot vacuum cleaners money can buy and the D750 Pet Edition is one of the company's flagship models and this is a fantastic discount.

Neato's robot vacs are always a good bet as they combine solid suction, good build quality and genuinely intelligent navigation. The user-friendly app allows you to trigger cleaning in one room, several, or your whole floor and also set no-go zones.

Neato Robotics Botvac D750 Pet Edition | Was £899.990 | Now £479.99  | Save £420 at Amazon
Neato was the first brand to really crack making robot vacuum cleaners. With its laser guidance system and powerful processor, the D750 moves like it has a purpose and intelligence, and dust suction is also very good. This massive saving will put it on the radar of a lot more potential buyers. Deal ends at 11:59pm on 28 October 2019.View Deal

Why you should buy a Neato Botvac 750 Pet Edition

The Botvac moves in a logical and controlled way, cleaning carpets and hard floors methodically. It's good at getting around obstacles and also powerful enough to get over smaller ones. It manages to do this without damaging your furnishings, too. The D shape allegedly means better cleaning of corners, although the jury's out on this. Like most cleaning robots, it returns to its base to recharge when battery is running short. 

However thanks to the efficient way in which it cleans, and a 120-minute running time, the Botvac can generally get around an average-sized flat (or upper or lower floor of a house – like a Dalek, it can't climb stairs) without needing to do that.

The app is still among the best in the business. Once your Botvac has cleaned a few times it will store a map of each floor of your home (up to 3). You can then send it to clean specific areas, and set no-go zones, for those areas that robots just can't handle. You can also schedule regular cleaning jaunts and control the robot from anywhere, via the mobile app. These are all features that other brands have now copied/caught up with, but Neato innovated first.

As the name suggests, the 750 Pet Edition is for those with dog and cat hair strewn about their abodes. The vac comes with two extra filters, a replacement brush and handy cleaning tool. Drop sensors stop it from falling down your stairs. 

The most recent iRobot Roombas and Roborock's more premium bots have arguably narrowly surpassed Neato but for a long time it was way out in front. Its robots and software are still right up there, and this price drop makes it outstanding VFM – a necessary move given the very low-cost, good-quality robots coming from the likes of Roborock and Anker's Eufy subsidiary.