Bike nicked? Now you can track it, with an app and a special pedal...

The Connected Pedal lets you track your bike, whether you're on it or not

A French start-up has launched a new bike pedal that promises to protect against theft...

Connected Cycle revealed its prototype pedal at CES, where they claimed its built-in GPS would help locate stolen bicycles.

When linked up to a smart device via an internet connection, the pedal will send the owner a notification if it detects a change in location, meaning they can helpfully track the bike as yoofs rag it around the local Morrison's car park.

If you manage to hold onto your bike, the pedal also works as a fitness tracker, recording the rider's speed, route, incline and calories burnt. This information is sent to the Connected Cycle app, which is available for iPhone and Android users. And if you've forgotten where you last parked your bike, then the pedal can tell you that too.

In order to protect the pedal itself, it can only be removed using a coded key possessed by its owner, according to its designers. Attaching the pedal is also said to be dead easy, with Connected Cycle ensuring it will take less than two minutes.

The technology is self-charging too, so there's no need to keep changing batteries. The footpads come in black, red, blue, green and orange, with the exterior made of aluminium.

Connected Cycle is currently seeking more investors for the product, but the company hopes to bring it into production later this year.

By Beth Gault