Best TV deals: save £1000 on an OLED TV as Philips OLED 9002 now half price at Curry's – but hurry it up…

Ambilight flagship from 2017 is now under £1000 – almost unheard of for an OLED

Philips POS9002 deal

We were only just talking about OLED TV getting cheaper, when a call came in from Philips: it's dropping the price of its late-2017 flagship OLED the 55-inch version of the unfortunately-named POS9002 by over £1,000!

• Buy Philips 55POS9002 at Curry's for £999 – offer ends 'soon'

Okay, that's £1,000 less than what it cost when it first came out, back when OLED was expensive, but it's still £200 off what Curry's has been charging for it recently. This deal was also on at Amazon but has now ended, Mister Slow.

Philips OLED 55POS9002 | £999 | Was £2,000, recently £1,200
This multi-award winning OLED TV features Philips' celebrated Ambilight backlighting, with Hue-style colours shifting to match the onscreen action. The TV has  4K resolution, with HDR (HDR10) and DTS audio processing. The smart TV platform is Android TV. Despite being 2 years old, the colours and black levels on the 9002 are a sight to behold, as is this price.View Deal

If you're buying from Curry's you'll need to enter the code PHILTV200 at checkout in order to get the price of £999.

Philips' 5-in-1 picture processing engine, P5, helps buff up HD and standard-def fare, as well as improving native 4K content, with boosts to sharpness, colour, contrast and motion.

Known issues with Philips' software and the Android TV smart platform mean we'd recommend using this with an Amazon 4K Fire TV Stick or Roku's 4K stick – seriously, it'll save you a lot of grief.