The best PS4 deals for New Year 2019: get a brilliant PS4 Pro deal or PS4 deal now

Get the cheapest PS4 Pro deals, PS4 Slim deals and original PS4 deals going with our New Year deals guide

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If you're looking for the best Boxing Day 2018 PS4 Pro deals, PS4 Slim deals, and original PS4 deals going then this is the guide for you. We've diligently searched all the biggest retailers to find you the absolute best prices on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Slim, and PS4 Pro available this Boxing Day and, excitingly, the Boxing Day deals haven't disappointed.

Massive retailers like Amazon, Walmart, GameStop, Game, and John Lewis have all got some very, very attractive Boxing Day PlayStation deals right now and we've not only picked out our very favourite, but also provided you with direct links to these retailers so you can peruse their selections yourself, too.

Best PS4 Pro deals on Boxing Day 2018 UK US

The best PS4 Pro deals for Boxing Day 2018

The PS4 Pro is Sony's flagship console and it is has been designed to play today's most graphically demanding AAA games. Capable of dynamic 4K and HDR, the system makes Sony's best games like God of War look absolutely spectacular, with improved frame rates, resolutions and post-processing special effects the norm.  Available in both black and white, as well as in a new, quieter revision, too, the PS4 Pro is  the PlayStation gamer's dream console.

Here are best PS4 Pro deals for Boxing Day 2018:

Best PS4 Slim deals for Boxing Day US UK 2018

The best PS4 Slim deals for Boxing Day 2018

The PS4 Slim is how console revisions should be done. It's slimmer, quieter and cooler than the original PS4, and comes with a slightly tweaked DualShock 4 controller, too. The only thing it doesn't have that the original PS4 does is an optical audio port, but if you normally pass sound over HDMI then that is a moot point. Available in black and white, and fully HDR ready, the PS4 Slim is a simply fantastic way to jump into Sony's PlayStation gaming ecosystem. Providing you're happy to game at Full HD resolution rather than up to 4K, then this system is an excellent choice.

Here are the best PS4 Slim deals for Boxing Day 2018:

Best PS4 deals this Boxing Day. That's the best Boxing Day deals on PlayStation 4 for you to browse.

The best PS4 deals for Boxing Day 2018

We still prefer the original PS4 design to that either the PS4 Slim or PS4 Pro in all honesty, and as audiophiles we also very much appreciated that it included an optical audio port, which is something that was removed on the PS4 Slim. And, providing you are happy with a slightly chunkier and louder machine to the Slim, then the original PS4 does everything it can do and, as we mentioned, both looks sharper and has additional audio output options. Still a fantastic console for gaming at 1080p, and now available at some astoundingly low g price points.