Lego Father's Day gifts: top Lego deals and sets for all budgets

Looking for the perfect Father's Day Lego gift? We've got great Lego sets of all kinds, including the latest Lego sales

Lego Father's Day
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Lego is always a big hit for Father's Day gifts – what better way for dad/grandad to unwind and relax that spending some time focusing on putting together a really cool set?

Whether you're thinking of buying a Lego gift for someone else in your life, or just a little bonus present for yourself, we can help you find something perfect, whatever your budget.

We've got our guide to the best Lego sets, which has our picks of the best sets of all kinds currently available, and we have a guide to the best Lego Technic sets, as well as the best Lego Star Wars sets. And we're always rounding up the best Star Wars deals, for those looking for a bargain.

But here, we've chosen some of the newest Lego sets available that make great gifts, as well as some sets that have discounts at the moment and so are great buys ahead of Father's Day.

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Lego Speed Champions Audi Sport Quattro S1 Car Set | £18 at Argos
For car fans, what could be be more desirable than this ’80s classic, reborn for its 35th anniversary? It features all kinds of authentic details from the car, and comes with a Lego minifigure in the authentic race suit.View Deal

Lego Dinosaur Fossils | £54.99 at John Lewis
Love dinosaurs? Of course you do, you're a normal human being. This fab set includes three dinosaurs (T-Rex, triceratops and pteranodon) a 1:32 scale, plus a human skeleton for scale (and a non-fossilised palaeontologist). This is super cool, and because the three dinosaurs are separate models, it's easy to pose them anywhere.View Deal

Lego NASA Apollo 11 Lunar Lander Set | £84.99 at Smyths Toys
This celebration of the first moon landing was released last year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Made with input from NASA to get the fine details right, it's a really great display piece, and includes a landing ship that splits apart into its component pieces, and has two astronauts to stand out on the moon's surface (complete with craters).View Deal

Lego Architecture London Skyline | £45 at John Lewis
The whole Lego Architecture set is great, and if the person you're buying for has affection for a particular city, it's worth looking through the range for it – we're especially partial to the New York set. But the London set will be an ideal option for lots of people – it's full of iconic sites, and it's fairly small and thin, so it's easy to display.View Deal

Lego Technic Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Rally Car | Save 20% | Now £24 at Argos
Lego Technic sets aim to bring the mechanical details of vehicles to life – this recreation of the famous Corvette ZR1 includes working steering and pistons on the V8 engine that move along with the car. It's full of other details true to the real thing too – and there's some great money off it right now.View Deal

Lego Star Wars Boba Fett Helmet Collectors Set | £55 at Smyth's Toys
Lego's new entries in its Star Wars line include several helmet models, including a Stormtrooper, a TIE Fighter pilot, and this Boba Fett option. It's a great thing to build and display, and doesn't take up too much space, thanks to a compact square footprint.View Deal

Lego Technic Fast & Furious Dom's Dodge Charger | Save £15 | Now £74.99 at John Lewis
A new release this year, Fast & Furious fans get their own Lego celebration set with this 1,000+ piece set of the familiar Dodge Charger from the films. As with all Technic sets, it's a really thoughtful recreation full of true-to-life details, including moving pistons on a V8 engine, working wishbone suspension, real steering, and the ability to pose it in a wheelstand position. View Deal